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Lyndsay I

Lilly, Sasha, Comet & Geezer

If you are looking for confident, intelligent and well socialised Siamese and Oriental kittens then a MyPrecious baby is just for you. I am an owner of 2 MyPrecious babies (soon to be 3!) And both are just perfect in every single way.

My seal point Siamese Lilly is typical of her breed. She loves her people and will have many conversations with you until she curls up in bed beside you to sleep. She is super intelligent and can sense when I am having a diabetic hypo in my sleep. She will paw and wash at my face to wake me up. Lilly is a cat that knows what she likes and likes what she knows and definitely the boss of the house.

Sasha is my BiColor Oriental and a little firecracker. Very chatty too and loves nothing more than being fussed over first thing in the morning. A gentle girl who is very affectionate and watches everything, taking it all in.

With a MyPrecious kitten, you are getting life-long care and advice and even friendship from Michele who loves nothing nore than to keep in touch with her well bred and well reared babies throughout their lifetime. Without Lilly and Sasha, I would be lost and I can only thank Michele for trusting me to give them a forever home and a lifelong friendship.

In total we have had 3 kittens from Michelle.

A beautiful Lilac Siamese boy Enzo, a very cheeky and sweet Seal Point Siamese Boy Archie and Ozzy our stunning Oriental Red Ticked Tabby.

We have been to Michelle's house and seen how well her cats are looked after and totally spoilt with love. Our boys have fitted in so well into family life.

We have a noisy house with two young kids and the cats adore the children and are happy to sit on laps for cuddles all day long if we let them! They love walks in our field on their harnesses and like to chatter at the birds from their catio.

They have amazing characters and are very chatty as you would expect from the Siamese Breed.

I could not recommend Michele's cats enough! If you are looking for a beautiful cat to join your family look no further.

Nova W

Enzo, Ozzy & Archie

Annie D

Xavier & Seiriol

Having been heavily involved with cat welfare for many years, I researched many, many breeders before deciding to buy my babies from Myprecious Siamese & Oriental Cats. From the first meeting, I could see the love & concern Michele has for her cats & kittens & knew that I had made the right choice. Xavier, my blue point Siamese & Seiriol, my blue Oriental are healthy, happy, funny & the most loving boys imaginable. In their early days it was good to know that Michele was always at the end of the phone if I needed advice. I think the fact that she has become a good friend (as she has with most of her new owners) speaks for itself. If you are looking for the most beautiful babies, you will never find better than Myprecious.

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