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Details about the waiting list procedure.


In theory, there isn't a waiting list. There is also no 'small print'.

If you do not mind what colour or sex you would like, then all we ask is that you are patient.

Please register your interest by either filling out our form or sending us an email.

Our prices are non-negotiable, and reflect the work, time, love and day to day costs involved in raising our kittens. To ensure that you, the new owner, has the same level of protection once they leave us, all kittens are issued with 4 weeks free insurance.

Our breeding cats ate PRA tested normal. FIV/FeLV tested negative. We do not allow our boys to go with other breeders girls and we do not send our girls to other breeders boys. Our cats are tested regularly for FIV/FeLV, regardless of this fact. 


Unlike many adverts on places like Pets4Homes / Gumtree / Free-ads, our kittens come with the knowledge that we, as a registered, ethical breeder, do everything we can to ensure that they are healthy, bright, boisterous and loving. Our kittens are fully vaccinated, wormed, neutered, microchipped.


Don't be fooled by  'breeders' selling cheaper kittens, they will cost you much more in the log run.

If you have never had the experience of a Siamese or Oriental - please do some research. They are very lively, and need lots of stimulation. They are not a cat that will happily mooch around all day on their own. If you are going to be out all day, they need a companion.

We do not let our kittens go to 'just anyone'. Please be aware that we are entitled to say 'no'. Our kittens are not a tool to be bargained with. They are living, breathing creatures who we brought into the world and have lovingly raised them to the point where their new owners take over.

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