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Glamorous Grampies

Retired Girls and Boys

We love our cats.


Each and every one of our cats that have retired, get to continue to live a pampered life. We owe them so very much as they have shown us all the love they can give from the moment they are born, so we owe them a safe, happy retirement. 

Not every cat gets along with a group. It does not matter how you bring them up, some just prefer to be either on their own or with one other companion. When their personalities, likes and dislikes grow, we have to asses if they want to continue to live in a group, or if their happiness would be complete by living in a new home.

This is so very hard for us. We have watched them grow into well balanced, well-adjusted individuals, and even though they would, without question, have a home here with us forever, if they have their soul and spirit compromised because they cannot cope with the 'crowd', then we make the hard decision to find them a family of their own.

However. Our love for them does not vanish as they go to their new home. We choose the home carefully, we get to know the suitors, and we use our instinct. If this means 'No', then that is what we say. We have to match to the correct family.

Here are some of our retirees, the ones that are with us, the ones who have their own family. 

Glamorous Grampies: Welcome
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